It Was Only a Matter of Time Before Honda Got Sued For Rising Oil Levels in the Earth Dreams Engine

Look, I suppose it was possible Honda was going to make it out of 2018 without getting sued over rising oil levels in their Earth Dreams engine. Just like it’s possible that someone could convince me that a vehicle with one of these engines is a great investment.

Which is to say, not very likely.

And wouldn’t ya know it, Honda has been sued in a class-action lawsuit looking to cover all current and former owners / lesees of the 2015-2018 CR-V and 2016-2018 Civic with a 1.5-liter, 2-liter, or 2.4-liter Earth Dreams engine.

According to the plaintiffs, Honda has concealed its knowledge the Earth Dreams engines are prone to defects that cause fuel to enter the engine oil, damaging the bearings and engines permanently. Decreased oil viscosity and premature wear allegedly cause the CR-V SUVs and Civic cars to stall and fail while driving.

One of the plaintiffs in this case needed to change their oil and filter four times before the vehicle even hit 10,000 miles.

The first experience with high oil levels sent their CR-V into “limp home” mode, the second time they noticed the pungent smell of gas in the cabin. A thousand miles later, the technician said the oil was already over 1 quart above max. By the 4th time this happened I’m pretty sure the guy wanted to push his SUV into a tar pit for a little taste of your own medicine redemption.

Honda (USA) has done nothing to help customers even when the vehicles are still covered by the powertrain warranties and sometimes even blames owners for not driving the vehicles for longer distances.

In China, officials put a stop sale on Earth Dreams equipped vehicles until Honda can come up with a solution. In Canada, a statement was released saying they’re aware of the problem and working on a fix.

In the USA, you’re told to suck it up and drive longer distances. ‘Murica.