Honda Problems You've Had (Or Will Have Soon)

Worst Honda Vehicles to Own

A generation is a period of time where only minor changes are made from year-to-year with a specific model. We've found that grouping vehicles by their generations is an accurate predictor of reliability. Once you select a generation, you can then compare the problems from year-to-year.

The 7th generation Accord might have the most complaints, but the 4th generation CR-V scares me the most. Its Earth Dreams engine has been nothing short of a nightmare, and it’s quickly rising on our “generations to avoid” list.

See how all Honda generations rank

How Honda Models Stack Up

Sometimes you just want to see which models can't get their heads out of their collective tailpipes. So we've taken each models complaints volume, paired it with the number of NHTSA actions, and sprinkled in some safety scores to give each a collective reliability score.

The Accord is one of the most popular cars on the planet, so it makes sense that it would receive a lot of complaints too. Overall, the 7th (2003–2007) and 8th (2008–2012) generations which are dragging the model’s name through the mud.

Which Honda Vehicles Are Recalled the Most?

You can look at recalls as a bad thing, because ... ugh, they mean car problems and a trip to the mechanic. Or you can look at recalls as a good thing, because at least Honda is acknowledging an issue and offering a free fix.

Whichever way you want to look at it, here's the list of the Honda vehicles with the most recalls.