Wrong Cover Leads to Airbag Problems

The 2015 Honda Fit’s A-pillar cover might fit a little too snuggly and interfere with the deployment of airbags. The A-pillar is that bar that sits between your windshield and front windows. In the USA version of the Fit, the A-pillar contains the side-curtain airbags. International models, however, don’t always have those same airbags installed. So when Honda installed international (and more permanent) covers over the USA versions’ A-pillars, they effectively disabled a key safety feature.

Honda discovered the problem during routine inspections at the factory when employees saw the A-pillar cover added to cars destined for the U.S. should have been used only in cars overseas. The automaker says no crashes or injuries have been reported related to the problem.

The recall should begin around 09/25/2014.