Outreach Program May Signal The End of a CR-V Vibration Lawsuit

A consolidated lawsuit about 2015 CR-V vibrations is coming to an end, and there isn’t a recall or restitution in sight. Instead, I present to you the consumer outreach program.

From CarComplaints.com:

According to the consolidated class-action lawsuit, the plaintiffs wanted Honda to pay damages and restitution, but based on the settlement agreement, owners won’t receive “damages” or “restitution” or payments.

Instead, by agreeing to settle the lawsuit, Honda only agreed to start a “consumer outreach program” to let customers know about the 2015 technical service bulletin.

Honda has already listed potential solutions to this problem in TSB #15-046, so in order to please the court all they have to do is update their website and make a few phone calls.

That’s less of a program and more of an afternoon nuisance at the call center.